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Get the most popular shows, live sports and events for free in HD quality from the leading TV networks.

Dozens of channels and hundreds of your favorite shows are available to watch for free with just an antenna.

Dozens of channels and hundreds of your favorite shows are available to watch for free with just an antenna.








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Just Some of the Shows You Get Free

The benefits of using an antenna.

The Content You Love

Get access to over 30 FREE channels including family programming, live sports, trusted local and national news, comedies, special events and the big TV networks.

Free / No Monthly Fees

 Watch the most popular TV shows and live sports (e.g NFL, PGA, MLB and more) for FREE without any hidden subscriptions, contracts or fees. 


Fast + HD Quality

With the latest broadcast technology, the signal is crisp and reliable allowing you to receive 30+ channels including High Definition (HD) from all the major TV networks.


Step One

Find the right antenna

Take a look at our top picks <- or better yet, take a short quiz and we’ll recommend the perfect antenna for your home!

Step 2

Place it in the right spot

After you purchase an antenna, find the perfect spot to get the best signal.  Download the Antenna Point app to make it easier to find the perfect position [App Store or Google Play].

Step 3

Sit back and enjoy the show

Once your antenna is connected and your channel scan is complete, start clicking through the channels.

The Content You Know And Love

The Best In Live Sports

Watch your favorite sports like the NFL and college sports for FREE through access to the major networks.

The Most Popular Shows

Watch the most popular shows including This Is Us, The Voice, The Masked Singer,  Law & Order, NCIS, Dancing with Stars and more live when they air.  

Trusted Local News and Weather

Get local weather and news from your trusted news stations so you can stay connected and up-to-speed on the breaking events and weather conditions.

Must See Events

Don’t miss any must see events like the Olympics, the Grammys and the Super Bowl. Plus, they are all free in in crystal clear HD.

Classic Shows And Movies

Access to thousands of classic movies and your favorite “tried-and-true” shows, like Criminal Minds, NCIS, Law & Order, That 70’s Show and so much more.

Guides to help you get started

It's easier than you think.

What is over-the-air TV?

Over-the-air television, or OTA, was the first type of television available. Originally, all TVs received audio and visual media through analog signals via basic, set-top

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