Which direction should you point your antenna?

While getting the right antenna and hooking it up to your TV are key steps for enjoying free, over-the-air broadcasting, they are still only about half of the battle. Making sure the device is positioned in the right place and aimed in the best antenna direction for the area where you live will make a […]

Attic antenna: An alternative to outdoor installation

If you love the idea of getting dozens of over-the-air TV channels for free but cringe at the thought of a big antenna sitting on your roof, the answer might be right over your head. Installing your antenna in the attic is the next best option to setting one up outside and the best part […]

Guide to outdoor TV antenna installation

Watching over-the-air (OTA) television is the best way to enjoy all kinds of free shows, movies, sports, news and special events, and when it comes to capturing television signals, outdoor antennas often offer the best reception. Because outdoor antennas are more powerful and experience fewer obstructions, they provide you with better signal quality and better […]