Antop Amplified Indoor TV Antenna Review

The Antop Amplified Antenna is a good bet for people who have been disappointed by standard indoor antennas.

If you live in an area with high OTA interference, you might need an amplifier in order to access more of your local channels.

While you can buy an add-on amplifier for your existing antenna, options such as the Antop Amplified Antenna have the technology already built into the device.

Even if you have been relatively happy with your indoor antenna, the Antop Amplified Antenna might still surprise you. The addition of the amplifier will bring you more channels, including those stubborn or glitchy channels that never seem to come in right no matter how much you fiddle with your antenna.

The indoor antenna boasts a reception range of up to 65 miles, and it receives both UHF and VHF channels. It also offers built-in VHF rods that enhance the quality of VHF channels, and LTE filter blocks which help to strain out cellular interference. Together, these upgrades ensure that you get not only the most channels possible but also the best picture quality possible.

In our testing, we found that the Antop Amplified Antenna performed well for its small size. Despite being placed on 6-inches off the ground in our testing site, it still had a powerful and steady reception. We found that the amplification made a significant difference in the amount of accessible channels.

The Antop Amplified Antenna offers a seamless setup with everything you need to install the antenna on a wall or window. With 2 color options and a flat, unobtrusive design, this is a sleek option for people who don’t want a bulky antenna sticking on their wall.

Our verdict is that the Antop Amplified Antenna is worth the slightly higher price tag for people who have struggled with poor antenna reception in the past. The Antop Amplified Antenna is also a good option for people who want to boost reception to one more than television in their home. We also like the Antop Amplified Antenna for condo and apartment dwellers. If you have thick concrete walls or are surrounded by many overhead power lines, the Antop Amplified Antenna will make a notable difference in the number of channels you receive.

And while an indoor antenna cannot compete with outdoor antennas as far as power and performance, options like Antop Amplified Antenna are an easy and accessible option for people who don’t have the space or the desire to set up an exterior antenna. Setup of the Antop Amplified Antenna is fast, painless and requires no special tools or expertise, and is perfect for someone who wants a one-and-done solution for OTA reception.

The Antop Amplified Antenna is available on the Antop website here and on Amazon.  

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