How to watch B. Simone’s new comedy ‘Finding Happy’

B. Simone’s new TV show might be funny, but it has some serious talent in front of the camera and behind the scenes. “Finding Happy” is a single-camera dramedy that sees Simone playing an Atlanta radio host in her mid-30s. Her life is in a rut as she tries to figure out what brings her true joy — and potentially find a guy worth keeping around.

The lead role of Yaz is arguably the biggest the multi-hyphenate comedian and beauty mogul, who boasts more than 6 million Instagram followers, has had yet. The character turns 36 in the first episode of “Finding Happy” and has a dramatic meltdown at her birthday party. The first season’s 10 episodes see her navigating the uncertainties that come with nearing 40 in the modern world.

Simone is far from the only notable name among those involved with “Finding Happy.” Her co-stars include veteran actors Kim Coles and Angela Gibbs, plus rising talent Marketta Patrice. The series airs weekly on Bounce TV and is unique among broadcast shows in that it is run by Black women at virtually every post, including the lead actors, co-creators, directors and writers. One of the few men to have a major role in putting the show on the air is Cedric the Entertainer, who produces it.

The new series acts as a spiritual companion to Bounce’s hit show “Johnson,” which is also set in Atlanta and follows four men who are longtime friends and happen to have the same last name despite not being related. Cedric the Entertainer also produces that show for the over-the-air broadcast network.

“Finding Happy” airs on Saturdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bounce TV but you can also catch it airing at other times if you check the “upcoming” tab on the show’s website.

How To Watch Bounce TV For Free

Bounce TV can be watched for free using an over-the-air antenna, the same way you can watch ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and PBS without paying for cable or satellite. The network can be picked up in all 50 states at various channel numbers. Check out the coverage map at Bounce’s website and click your state to see where you might be able to get the signal using your own antenna.

It’s also carried by cable and satellite companies in most states and can be streamed on Sling.

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