Meet the new Tablo — a smart device that enhances your free antenna TV experience

Imagine using a new device that makes watching OTA TV more effortless than ever, and keeps all the conveniences of subscription streaming services without the hassle or cost.

Thanks to E.W. Scripps Company, a newer, better TV service has entered the market. The Tablo 4th Gen device is the first consumer technology product designed to enable whole-home viewing, recording of over-the-air (OTA) broadcast television and free streaming channels that doesn’t require a monthly subscription.

Zoom in on Alt View Zoom 12. Tablo - 4th Gen 128GB Over-The-Air DVR & Streaming Player - White.

The new Tablo connects to any TV antenna and wirelessly sends its signal to any compatible TV or smart device in your home. This lets you watch and record top networks and free streaming channels anywhere within range of your WiFi signal.

Features of the new Tablo device:

Unified program guide — This easy-to-navigate guide contains episode and series synopses of programming on live local networks and popular free streaming channels. It also features customized content recommendations.

Whole-home connectivity — One Tablo device delivers live and recorded TV on any compatible device in your home and you can watch or record up to two channels at the same time.

DVR capabilities — Pause, rewind and record without having to pay any monthly subscription fees. It includes 128 GB of onboard storage for up to 50 hours of HD recording.

Watch anywhere features — Supports all mobile and most connected TV platforms, including Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, and iOS/Android smartphones and tablets. Not yet available but coming son: Samsung, AppleTV, LG and Vizio devices.

Get help with antenna placement— Get guidance within the mobile app to find the antenna’s best location for prime OTA TV signal reception.

Bundle with an antenna — Save even more with the Tablo Total System. It comes with a 35-mile indoor antenna.

Watch TV cheaper than ever before

The Tablo device doesn’t just eliminate the need for contracts or pesky monthly fees, it’s affordable too. “Consumers struggling with inflation are looking for more affordable ways to enjoy live sports, local news and must-watch TV events,” said Grant Hall, CEO of Nuvyyo. “With a live TV guide that spans the best in live broadcast TV and free live streaming content, one-touch series recording, as well as customized content recommendations, Tablo has evolved beyond a way to enhance your antenna TV experience to an affordable portal to free TV without a subscription.”

Where to buy Tablo

You can buy the new Tablo device at the following retailers: All models available for purchase here, between $99.95 – $139.95.

BestBuy (online and in-store)

Why you need Tablo

Watching and recording from multiple TVs in the home is ideal for families looking to enhance their OTA TV experience. The fact that there are no contracts, no subscriptions and no recurring fees also makes it easy for anyone looking to cut expenses. It features one-touch series recording and even knows to automatically extend the recording time on sports and other live events and will avoid duplicate recordings.

Tablo makes it simple to keep your device up to date by rolling out free regular firmware and app updates. It also offers free technical support. Get one now and start saving.

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