Mohu Leaf Metro Indoor TV Antenna Review

The Mohu Leaf Metro is a minimalist’s dream. The paper-thin antenna is less than 4 inches high and boasts a narrow diameter of 0.4 inches. Compared to other HDTV indoor antennas which can be up to a foot tall, this is an impressive size difference.

The scaled-down Mohu Leaf Antenna does not skimp on performance. With a reception range of up to 30 miles, this is a hardy little antenna that also boasts an inline amplifier.

The omnidirectional antenna has a 360-degree signal range, so you don’t need to fiddle with placement to get the best picture and reception. (For best results, it is advised that you install the antenna on a window or exterior wall).

In our testing, we installed the Mohu Leaf Metro antenna on a window at a height of 6 feet. The installation is straightforward and requires no special tools or skills. It is compatible with 4K, 8K UHD and NEXTGEN TVs.

Test Results:

We found that the Mohu Leaf Metro antenna offered satisfactory reception, especially considering its compact size and low price (you can purchase the Mohu Leaf Antenna for less than $25 here on the Mohu website).

Like all TV antennas the Mohu Leaf Metro helps viewers access local broadcast channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, The CW and Univision. In our testing, not all of these advertised channels were accessible. However, the majority were and came through with a strong signal and clear picture.

Who Could Benefit From A Mohu Leaf Antenna

With these results, we believe that the Mohu Leaf Antenna is a solution that would be ideal for dorm rooms, apartments and RVs, or anywhere wall and window space is limited. It would also be a good solution for home-dwellers who want an added signal boost in small rooms. While it’s not the most powerful indoor antenna on the market, it’s inexpensive, effective and as compact as it gets.

Additionally, you can get an added reception boost by pairing it with the Mohu Jolt Switch Amplifier. This amplifier can help to decrease pixelation and access even more channels near you. If you live in a rural area or are trying to get a more stable picture, adding on an amplifier like this can help to resolve many OTA issues.

You can install the Mohu Leaf Antenna on a vertical surface or set it vertically on an end table or bookshelf. It comes with a 12-foot coaxial cable so you have wiggle room to figure out the best placement. You can also choose either the black or white side of the antenna to suit your home decor, or paint it if you desire.

Purchase the Mohu Leaf Antenna for $22.99 (priced down from $24.99) on the Mohu website here. 

We also like that Mohu offers real-time customer service for people who run into issues. If you have questions or concerns about your Mohu antenna, you can contact Mohu customer service line at 1.877.825.5572. Operators are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST.

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