Televes Dinova Boss Mix Outdoor/Attic TV Antenna Review

The Televes Dinova Mix is a compact, low profile outdoor antenna. The low profile design makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to set up an outdoor antenna that isn’t seen by all of the neighbors.

The Televes Dinova Mix is packed with features. It has a built-in amplifier to prevent signal loss in long coax cables, built-in LTE filter to prevent interference from nearby cell towers, and durable construction to last decades in all weather conditions. Included with the antenna is a mounting pole and power inserter to power the amplifier that’s built into the antenna. This piece does not get installed outside but rather gets installed inside after the long cable from the antenna to somewhere inside your house.

While the antenna does not come with a coaxial cable, you can easily purchase one online or at a local hardware store. Make sure to purchase a quality RG6 quad shield cable.

Installing this antenna outside isn’t too complicated if you’re handy. The first tip I have is to check TV reception for the antenna in different locations with a small TV as a guide. Sometimes moving an antenna as little as a few feet can have a huge impact on TV reception.

Once the best spot for reception is found, install the mounting pole on the side of your house. Point the antenna in the direction of the major networks as shown on If you see multiple directions, point the antenna in the direction where the most channels come from.

After the antenna is on the mast and pointed correctly, run a coax cable to the ground block near where the cable enters your house. Make sure to place the included Televes power inserter somewhere inside before your TV or any splitters. Do not install it outside.

With the antenna installed and pointed in the direction of the broadcast towers, I connected it to a signal meter to check reception. Here are the signal levels of the four major networks at my house. They are all strong and reliable despite me living about 45 miles away from the towers.

The Televes Dinova Boss Mix is one of the best performing small outdoor antennas out there. The performance can be credited towards a good design and preamplifier that’s built right into the Televes antenna.

Enhance Your Antenna With Tablo

If you’re looking for a smart way to enhance your TV antenna, consider checking out Tablo. Tablo is a device that does a few things to enhance your TV antenna (it works with any TV antenna):

  1. It takes your TV antenna signal and wirelessly sends it to any screen in your home. This reduces the need for cables and splitters (or multiple antennas) and you can enjoy watching your favorite shows on devices like your phone, tablet or computer.
  2. Record, pause, go back and replay: never miss a thing with Tablo’s capabilities to record shows and watch them later when convenient for you.
  3. TV Guide: included with Tablo is a TV guide — see what’s on now or later.

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