Televes Evoca Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna Review

The Televes Evoca antenna is a premium solution for anyone seeking powerful and worry-free OTA reception.

The indoor/outdoor antenna can receive VHF and UHF channels, so you will get a broad range of accessible options with the Televes Evoca antenna accessing signals from up to 50 miles away.

The Televes Evoca antenna was built with the latest broadcasting frequencies in mind, so it is optimized to receive sub-600MHz UHF frequencies. This means users can access channels using new 600 MHz service wireless operations like those in the band guard of the 617-652 MHz and 663-698 MHz frequencies. These channels include television stations operating on TV Channels 38-51 which could be unaccessible if you use an older antenna or a less powerful antenna.

So, while the Televes Evoca antenna has a higher price tag than many other OTA antennas (it is priced at $149.95 on Amazon right now), you certainly get what you pay for with this option.


You can install the Televes Evoca antenna inside your home (whether in your living room or in the attic), or you can install it outside. The UV-resistant antenna can be mounted in your yard with the included J-pole.

Test Results

In our testing, we found that indoor installation of the antenna brought us almost all of the channels promised by Televes. We received even more channels than promised when placing the antenna outside, so for the most channels options, consider placing outside. Still, even when indoors, the Televes Evoca antenna brought us more channels than most other indoor antennas we have tried.

Installation is relatively simple. The Televes Evoca antenna comes with an USB amplifier that is inserted directly into the television. You can use the included wall anchors to hang on your wall, but be aware it does slightly jut out from the wall. You can also simply set it down on a windowsill or flat similar surface, but your height will be more limited and hence your channel options could be impacted.

The Televes Evoca antenna offers bi-directional reception of High VHF, and 60 degree UHF reception pattern. The self-adjusting TForce pre-amplifiers work to decrease interference while the integrated passive 5G antenna will also help to boost modem and cellphone connectivity.

Although the Televes Evoca antenna is larger than some indoor antennas, it still boasts a relatively small footprint and is not an eyesore when mounted outside. The modern design is discreet no matter where you chose to place it. This makes it a practical solution for anyone with concerns about HOA regulations or limited outdoor space.

Due to its size and power, it is also a great option for family homes with multiple televisions. Placing it in the attic or outside will ensure that everyone in the home will get strong and consistent OTA reception no matter where their television is. Pair it with a Tablo device and you can get the signal sent to most smart devices in your home.

Overall, this is a smart investment for anyone seeking to cut monthly TV expenses without regrets. The channel reception is unmatched, and the picture quality and stability are exceptional.

You can purchase the Televes Evoca antenna on Amazon or through Solid Signal.

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