Best places to buy a TV antenna

“OTA” sounds high tech, but believe it or not, by switching to free over-the-air television, or OTA TV, you aren’t actually doing anything new, as this is the way people originally received television channels decades ago. Television programs were broadcast over ultra high-frequency (UHF) bands or very high-frequency (VHF) bands, which is similar to how AM and FM radio is enjoyed.

Today, OTA TV service still exists, along with other TV-viewing options, such as cable packages and digital streaming services.

According to some estimates, more than 90% of U.S. households are within range of over-the-air television. All you need to do to get started is to buy a TV antenna and then do a little bit of detective work to find the best location in your home (or on your roof) to install it.

This device will allow you to watch a vast array of free TV shows and events. You might be surprised at how much content is available — at no additional monthly cost to you.

Those who live for live red carpet events are in luck, as many major award shows are available to watch with OTA TV, such as the Oscars, Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards and Golden Globes. And if you’re a sports fanatic, you won’t have to pay a premium for a package since local channels broadcast big games, matches, playoffs and more. In most markets, you won’t have to miss NFL games, the Super Bowl, MLB or NBA games. NASCAR races are available, too!

Plus, with a TV antenna, you’ll receive great picture quality. You also won’t need to worry about losing your entertainment access during a bad storm.

Locate the towers in your area and select an antenna with a range that will reach them. If you live in a rural area that’s far from towers, you might need an amplified antenna. Use our quick start guide to find the right TV antenna for your specific location, along with installation information and support.

Below is a list of retailers where you can buy TV antennas. These retailers carry a variety of indoor and outdoor antennas from trusted brands at good prices.


Search for a wide selection of TV antennas at Amazon, where you can sift through customer reviews to make a wise decision. Amazon even offers a Best Sellers in TV Antennas page, where it ranks various devices. Just be sure to keep an eye on indoor vs. outdoor antennas, so you’re purchasing the right one that will meet your needs.

Best Buy

The store that you trust for electronics, computers, appliances, video games, cell phones and more is also a great place to buy a TV antenna. Shop in-store or online to explore indoor and outdoor antennas. You can search through top-rated selections and compare brands against the store’s economical Best Buy Essentials brand. Best Buy offers free in-store pickup and free two-day shipping on several items.

Home Depot

Shop for indoor and outdoor TV antennas in-person at Home Depot or online, where you’ll find free shipping on qualified purchases. The home improvement retailer has everything you need to outfit your new entertainment center, including TV antennas, hardware, smart TVs and amplifiers. Home Depot offers advice on how to choose the best antenna for your TV as well, so you can make an informed decision when selecting a device.


Get your TV antenna quickly with same-day delivery or in-store pickup (ready within two hours) at Target so you can quickly get started watching free high-definition TV broadcasts from major networks. With affordable prices on top brands like Phillips and Monoprice, you can save money and time by shopping at Target.


Walmart is another big box store that offers a plethora of indoor and outdoor TV antennas at affordable price points. Narrow down your search by checking out Walmart’s “strongest indoor TV antenna” page, for example. Find products by brands like RCA, GE, UrbanX and more.

Buy a TV antenna at one of these major retailers and enjoy having more money in your pocket without sacrificing your favorite shows or sporting events.

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