DigiWave Panel ANT2088 antenna review – best pick for rural homes

Digital TV antennas are a great way to get free over-the-air HDTV reception. They are easy to set up and use and can help you cut the cord on expensive cable, satellite and streaming service bills. On average, U.S. consumers subscribe to 3.55 streaming services per month, paying about $54/month, based on a 2022 NPR/Ipsos poll.

To help cut household expenses, people are looking at the cost savings of a TV antenna to access free Over-the-Air (OTA) programming.

Some of the benefits of using a TV antenna include:

  • Free HDTV reception: TV antennas allow you to watch free HDTV channels without paying for cable or satellite TV.
  • No monthly fees: Once you purchase a TV antenna, there are no monthly fees to watch free HDTV channels.
  • Easy to set up: TV antennas are very easy to set up and use. Most TV antennas can be installed in minutes without any tools.
  • Great picture quality: TV antennas provide excellent picture quality, often better than cable or satellite TV.
  • Reliable signals: Unlike satellite and cable TV, a TV antenna has a robust, reliable signal in almost any weather condition. You also don’t have to worry about programming blackouts due to provider contract disputes.
  • Multiple channels: TV antennas can pick up various channels, including local news, sports, and entertainment.

Know which antenna is best for your needs

However, not all antennas are created equal. Understanding how a particular antenna’s performance depends on your home’s location and layout is essential. With so many choices on the market, making the best choice without this vital information can make a new antenna purchase confusing and uncertain.

A group of broadcast engineers tested several antennas to help give readers insight into the best product option for their home and entertainment needs. One of the high-performing models was the DigiWave Panel ANT2088.

The DigWave Panel ANT2088 standout features


Our testers ranked the DigiWave Panel ANT2088 as one of the best options for people living in rural communities or at least 40 miles from the nearest broadcast tower. In fact, this antenna worked well in picking up signals as far away as 70 miles.

Antenna location in the home is critical for peak performance. Testers found that only 40 of the 67 predicted channels came in when they installed this antenna in the attic. By moving the antenna outdoors, channel reception overachieved expectations with 73 channels.

The DigiWave Panel ANT2088 has enough power to pick up UHF and HD signals from broadcast channels, allowing for a clear and strong reception.

The experts said they were “pleasantly surprised” that the antenna came out of the box fully assembled. Plus, it included a U-bold for mounting to a pole outside. Its 6-pound weight makes it easy to handle during installation, as well.

You can purchase the DigiWave Panel ANT2088 TV antenna on Amazon at a $34.06 starting price.

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