Must-see shows to watch over-the-air this summer

It’s true: Summer means longer days enjoying the warmer weather and exploring the great outdoors. What’s also true is that on the hottest of hot days of the season or in the evenings when you need to wind down, over-the-air (OTA TV ) can keep you entertained for very little cost. All you need is a TV and an antenna; no monthly subscription or fees are necessary.

This summer season brings the arrival of both new series and oldies but goodies. Here is a lineup of some of what’s to come.


American Ninja Warrior

“American Ninja Warrior” on NBC
The 15th season of “American Ninja Warrior” returns on June 5 as high-performing athletes compete for the top prize of $1 million, while others have the opportunity to bring home $10,000. This season will showcase competitors racing side-by-side and feature an even taller Mega Wall at 18.5 feet.


“Superfan” on CBS
Catch this new series coming to CBS on June 9, called “Superfan,” which challenges what it means to be a true fan. Not only will contestants go above and beyond trying to prove they’re the artist’s #1 fan, but they may also get to meet their music idol in person.

The Wonder Years

“The Wonder Years” on ABC
Watch the second season premiere on June 14 of “The Wonder Years” this summer, which is a reboot of the 80s Emmy-winning original comedy series of the same name. The revamped version follows a Black, middle-class family during the 60s in Montgomery, Alabama, through the eyes of a 12-year-old and narrated by the adult version of himself.

Act Your Age on Bounce

“Act Your Age” on Bounce
View the second part of the “Act Your Age” season, starting June 3rd, after the mid-way hiatus takes place. In this half-hour sitcom, three women in their 50s find themselves facing turbulence and rallying to move forward—together.


Shane Campbell Human Footprint

“Human Footprint” on PBS
In a new six-part science documentary called “Human Footprint” beginning on July 5, biologist and Princeton University professor Shane Campbell-Staton explores how humans have left their mark on the planet and its precious resources.

The Prank Panel

“The Prank Panel” on ABC
Get ready to laugh with ABC’s new prank show, “The Prank Panel,” airing July 9, which lets ordinary people pitch and plot out pranks on their friends and family members to extraordinary pranksters like Johnny Knoxville, Eric Andre and Gabourey Sidibe. (Catch the preview on May 24th!

OTA TV lets you experience the best of both worlds. You get to watch all your favorite shows — for free — while keeping your hard-earned cash in your pocket.

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