Shows to watch based on shows you already love

Are you looking for a new show to dive into? With OTA (over-the-air TV) you have access to hundreds of great shows to choose from at no charge. Sometimes the easiest way to find a new TV series to watch is to base it on something you know you’ve already seen and loved.

If you’re looking for ideas like this, follow our suggestions below to find your new favorite show that will either let you kick back and relax or will keep you gripped to the edge of your seat, whichever tempo you prefer!

If you like fast-paced shows like “Blindspot”…

Try “The Equalizer” on CBS. It might look like the character Robyn McCall is just your average single mom with a teenager, but a select few know her as “The Equalizer,” a crime fighter and keeper of the peace. This show brings the classic American spy thriller from the 80s back to life, starring Queen Latifah, Adam Goldberg and Liza Lapira.


If you like witty comedies like “The Big Bang Theory”…

Catch “Young Sheldon” on CBS. This spinoff comedy goes back in time as we watch 9-year-old genius, Sheldon, grow up and navigate the complicated childhood complexities of being a know-it-all. He skips four grades and catapults into high school in this complex and hilariously entertaining coming-of-age sitcom.

If you like detective dramas like “Law & Order”…

View “NCIS” on Bounce. If crime dramas are your jam, OTA programming has got your back. In this drama, agents scrutinize crimes that affect military personnel. Follow Agent Dwayne “King” Pride and his New Orleans NCIS field office team go on the hunt to track down perpetrators.

NCIS: New Orleans

If you’re a fan of true crime mysteries like “Dateline”…

Real-life mystery lovers will enjoy “Someone They Knew” on Court TV. Now in its second season, watch as Daytime Emmy Award-winning TV host Tamara Hall breaks down killer’s connections to their victims. However, unlike most traditional true crime series, this one is told from the point of view of the people who were most impacted by the case, such as the victim’s family and friends, law enforcement officers, lawyers, jurors and more.

Someone They Knew

If you like laughing along with “Friends”…

Try watching “Grand Crew” on NBC if you miss keeping up with a tight-knit group of friends and laughing along with all the craziness that life ensues. This light-hearted LA-based group gathers regularly at their favorite bar to drink wine and process everything that’s happening.

Grand Crew

If you like feeling like you’re part of the hospital’s crew on “Grey’s Anatomy”…

Check out “Chicago Med” on NBC to get your next dose of a medical drama. Follow along as one of Chicago’s top trauma center teams repairs patients while mending their own personal traumas along the way.

You can enjoy dramas, comedies, game shows and more — for free —simply by hooking up an antenna. If you have a streaming service you already enjoy, you can decide to keep it as a way to enhance your options with OTA. Although, if you’re looking to stack up the savings and lighten the burden on your internet usage, you can always skip the subscription services. The best part is you get to decide how you want to spend your money.

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