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Did you know you can experience the luxury of watching home shopping channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without having to pay a monthly subscription to watch what you love? Whether you are up late and unable to sleep or channel flipping midday, several home shopping channels are accessible with free over-the-air TV, including the two largest—QVC and its sister company HSN. All you need is an antenna.

TV viewers have the delight of clicking buy—right from their remote. With direct shopping TV, you can order items like electronics, jewelry, clothing, home goods, crafts and more. Best of all—you avoid the crowds. Shop whenever it’s most convenient for you, from the comfort of your couch. Shopping-centric channels offer round-the-clock access to everyday products that serve a purpose and enhance a lifestyle.

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While consumers ‘add to cart’ online all the time, Nielsen reminds us that people are still watching TV—and a lot of it. According to Civic Science data, 55 percent of Americans spend one to four hours daily watching TV, and 22 percent watch four or more hours every day. This means products on shopping channels enter hundreds of millions of households across the country, regularly.

Shopping channels give you a unique angle that you can’t get in stores. Oftentimes, testing out the product right before your very eyes. By demoing items on air, you get to see the before and after shots, which can be useful in determining all the features and benefits.

Platforms like QVC have been a home staple for decades, originally launching back in 1986 when it sold its first product—a shower radio. To this day, programming continues in front of a live audience and broadcasts across three separate channels: QVC, QVC2 and QVC 3. Then there’s QVC+ which highlights streaming exclusives that you can access on your computer.

While shopping channels may have historically reached older demographics, particularly seniors who weren’t able to get out to a store but wanted to purchase items for themselves or extended family members, the products sold are designed to be utilized by all ages and genders.

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The current QVC viewer demographics might surprise you. According to the channel, the average consumer is a female between the ages of 35 and 64, who has a high school diploma or more advanced education. She earns a “higher than median” income, shops online at least once per week and is the primary shopper for her household.

Secret Deals

Shopping channels also offer discounted prices on items you might not have ever tried before, making it more affordable to sample new-to-you brands. If you enjoy watching QVC, its website has a section on its home page for recent on-air promotions making it easy to track down products.

On top of websites, unsold merchandise also heads to a small number of retail outlet stores, where fans can browse in person rather than behind a TV or computer screen. You can save big when shopping “as-is” items, where you can take advantage of price slashes on returns, samples, discontinued items and on-air displays. Want to take your time and browse a little more before you buy? QVC has a website where you can do just that. See online-only deals, clearance items, top deals and more!

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Best Time To Buy

It’s good to remember that home shopping channels rarely only showcase single products for sale. Oftentimes, there are packaged deals with bonus products that sweeten the pot, making it more enticing to buy.

From online special deals to weekend sales, it’s always a good time for snagging a brag-worthy deal. Sometimes limited availability products will be offered for one day only or until the item sells out, urging you to purchase sooner rather than later.

Whether you’re looking for a patio umbrella, bedspread or luggage set, you’re likely to find it right from your TV set. How convenient is that?

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