Best TV antennas for rural areas and tips for improving reception

Living in a rural area and in the 21st century often doesn’t mix. If you live somewhere rural, whether it’s near woods or simply in an area without a lot of businesses or other homes nearby, everything from internet to cell service and television reception can sometimes not work as well as you’d like. If […]

How to watch your local news for free

Since the earliest days of television, the nightly news has been one of the easiest ways for Americans to stay informed on what’s happening around the world, the nation and in their own community. You’d think that all the technological advancements that have impacted TV viewing over the years would have made keeping up with […]

How to watch over-the-air TV on multiple TVs

Cutting the cord and switching to over-the-air (OTA) TV doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up watching shows and movies on televisions throughout your home. Of course, your TVs won’t automatically pick up programming if they are not connected to the antenna. However, a few methods allow you to set up your over-the-air viewing […]

How to scan and rescan for channels to watch free over-the-air TV

Realizing you can watch dozens of TV channels — including the major broadcast networks and PBS — in gorgeous high definition with no monthly bill is a beautiful thing. But there are some steps you’ll have to take to reach free-TV nirvana. You of course need a TV and an over-the-air antenna (check out our […]

UHF vs. VHF: What to know about frequencies when choosing an antenna

When choosing an antenna to watch free over-the-air TV, there are a few factors to consider, but the most significant consideration is which one will best suit your needs. For instance, when it comes to UHV vs. VHF, which type of antenna will provide what you want? If you’re not sure, don’t worry. Learn all […]

All the exciting live events you can watch for free this year on over-the-air TV

From the Super Bowl and the Kentucky Derby to the Oscars and New Year’s Eve in Times Square, there are must-watch live events on TV throughout the year. If you don’t have cable, you might think you can’t watch them on television. However, you don’t need a subscription to cable or even a streaming service […]