These are the channels and shows available for free on Over-The-Air TV

People watch television differently than they used to. Instead of planning their schedules around when their favorite shows are airing, viewers now have the luxury of watching whatever they want, whenever they want.

This even holds true for people using over-the-air TV, where they watch broadcast television for free, after making a one-time, low-cost antenna purchase. You can record OTA TV with a digital video recorder (DVR) to capture any shows you’d like to watch later.

If you’re new to OTA TV, you’re in for a treat! Just as the way people view television is different, so is how much content is displayed. It’s no longer about choosing between a handful of channels—most areas offer 50+ channels. Not only do users have content from all the major networks available, like ABC, CBS, NBC, ION, The CW or FOX, but they also have loads of subchannels, also known as FAST channels, to choose from. These additional channels are a by-product of when broadcast networks were required to change their signals from analog to digital in 2009. Since there was space left over, it expanded the amount of content available. What’s broadcast carries from popular classic movies to local high school football games. Between the major networks and FAST channels, there’s always something on TV worth watching. Here are just a few of the most popular options.

Police Dramas

Can’t get your fix on law enforcement dramas? EW Scripps Co. offers the subchannel Bounce, which is the first African-American broadcast network. Watch fictional shows like “NCIS New Orleans” and “Law and Order” or ones that cover real-life crimes like “Someone They Knew.” If gripping who-dun-it mysteries are more your speed, you might enjoy the True Crime Network or CourtTV.

Family-Friendly Content

Find options galore on any of the big networks and kick back and relax with the family. From adventure reality shows like “The Amazing Race” to game shows like “Wheel of Fortune,” there’s never a shortage of content.

Game Show Enthusiasts 

Buzzr and Game Show Network (GSN) will have you shouting out your answer, before the contestants, all day long.

Children’s Programming

You’ll also get all the classics for younger ones through PBS like “Curious George,” “Sesame Street” and “Martha Speaks.”

Genres Lovers

If you know what you like to watch and are looking for new places to watch more of it, OTA TV has got you covered. For binge-worthy Westerns, check out Grit, MeTV and getTV.  

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Home Shopping

Love to turn on the tube and see what products can enhance your quality of life or make great gifts for others? QVC and HSN will be excellent go-to shopping options. 


If you’d rather throw it back with classics like “Batman or “Matlock” and try Retro TV or MeTV. 

And to think, this list is just a taste! With OTA TV, you can catch sports events, Christmas movie marathons on ION, award shows and more. Use our channel checker to see how many channels you can get and take our antenna quiz to see what is the right antenna for your home. 

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